How ONE Preseason Injury Changed the Course of NFL History Forever

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On August 28th, 1999, St. Louis Rams quarterback Trent Green tore his anterior cruciate ligament during a preseason game against the San Diego Chargers.

The injury was supposed to be another CRUSHING blow to one of the National Football League’s lousiest teams.

Green had been one of the NFL’s hottest free agents that year. The Rams signed him in hopes that he could end a string of losing seasons and lead them to the playoffs for the first time in a DECADE.

Without Green, the Rams were SCREWED, destined to spend ANOTHER year in the NFC West basement...

...Or at least, that’s what everyone thought at the time.

What ACTUALLY happened is one of the greatest fairytale stories in all of sports. A story that completely changed the course of NFL history.

It’s the story of an unheralded, unscouted, undrafted 28-year-old from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who would go on to win two regular season MVP awards and get enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

It’s the story of KURTIS EUGENE WARNER.

Today we’re going to tell you that story. But to do that, we’ve got to go back a few years. Because with the Kurt Warner story, context is everything.

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