The Most SAVAGE Taunting Celebrations In Sports History

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Everybody loves a great sports celebration, but a lot of them are so repetitive. I mean, the NFL just FINALLY started letting the players have some fun after years of penalizing them for their celebrations. In the Majors, guys simply just round the bases when they hit a home run. In the NBA? There’s too much scoring, meaning you can only TRULY celebrate every so often. And in the NHL? You get a ton of fist pumps, but rarely anything excessive.

But throughout the years, we have seen a handful of players go nuts when they pulled off a big play. It’s one thing to celebrate out of joy, but everybody loves it when an athlete throws in a little dose of savagery and taunts the opposition in the process.

Today we present the 10 Most SAVAGE Taunting Celebrations In Sports History.

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